Nov 23

A Day of Thanksgiving

The season is upon us again where the United States celebrates a feast to the Lord on the two-day holiday we call “Thanksgiving”. I enjoy this national holiday because, unlike the pagan holidays, Thanksgiving does not pretend to be anything it is not.

Thanksgiving is a day we reflect on the miracle of specific group of settlers in Massachusetts, who were specifically fleeing religious persecution, were able to survive and start a new colony. These specific settlers did not harm the Native Americans and even made friends with them. After they made friends and began to make a self-sustaining community, they stopped and declared a feast to thank the God of the Bible for preserving them and allowing them to survive. They gave thanks for the freedom to worship in the manner they so chose.

Thanksgiving didn’t become a national holiday for another hundred years. It wasn’t declared a national day of giving thanks until after the Civil War (1863) but the first declaration for a day of giving thanks was made by George Washington in 1789. President Washington declared a day of giving thanks to God for allowing the formation of a free country and from deliverance from the oppressive British Empire. The foundation of this nation was surely a miracle on many levels and it shows that our first President was a faithful man that he made such a declaration.

For the past couple decades, our society has been conditioned to feel guilty about the blessings this nation has received. Every time we celebrate Thanksgiving or the 4th of July, hecklers will point out the bad things our country has done. The truth is that no person or nation is perfect but we have to ask one specific question: Did God, YHVH Almighty, allow this country to come into existence and anoint this people or was this accomplished against His will?

This is the ultimate question for all who profess to believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Yeshua: Are we supposed to be here or not? If the answer is that our nation was not raised up by Yahweh, then what are we doing? If this much power and wealth can be generated not even without the hand of God, but against His will, then what sort of God do we serve?

Yes, these are tough words. But the answer is that our nation was founded by God fearing men and it was brought about by the will of the Most High. As we sit down to enjoy these blessing through a national festival ordained in His Name, let us make sure to thank Him for our lives and for our freedom and ask Him to show us how to use these blessing to give Him maximum glory!