Jun 01

Pentecost Weekend Schedule!

Shavuot Weekend Festivities!

Brothers and Sisters, this is the biggest event we have seen in Kansas City for Messianic, HRM, and Church of God believers in a long time! We will be meeting at Lake Paradise Resort in Lone Jack, MO with many, many believers starting Friday. Below is a schedule. If you click it, it will take you to the event website where there is more information.

Hot dogs and hamburgers (Lev 11 compliant) will be grilled for all (or until we run out) on Saturday and Sunday dinner. Lunch and breakfast are your own responsibility. Please bring a side dish, drink, or dessert to share for dinner Saturday and Sunday.

As we are gathering in Yeshua’s name per YHVH’s commandment, please do not show up empty handed. This event is being put on by volunteers but has a number of expenses. You may donate electronically at this link http://praisesforyahweh.org/TabernacleDavidEvent/Donations.html Our assembly is acting as the treasurer for this cooperative event. We will have a donation/comment box onsite. Checks can be made out to Northland Hebrew Roots Group, LLC and put “Shavuot 2017” in the memo line.

Camping is available but you have to pay through the resort. Here is the link to that site http://lakeparadiseresort.com/

We look forward to seeing so many of you in person for the first time in a while. We will return to our service on Shabbat, June 10 in Smithville.

If you need last minute contact, Chris Bridges is at 816-510-1602 or Chris DeWeese at 816-309-3143




May 20

Special Shavuot Weekend Event for 2017

Brothers and Sisters, it is our immense pleasure and honor to be co-sponsoring a major event for Shavuot (Pentecost) this year. A few groups have come together to put together a three-day event that will be very similar to a Sukkot event. We will have two Paleo Hebrew experts presenting, local speakers, blessed Messianic musicians, and a general blessed time from Friday, June 2 through Sunday, June 4. This event will be held at the Lake Paradise resort outside of Lone Jack, MO. The facility is a campground so we hope attendees will stay Friday through Sunday. Details of the event are at the following link: http://praisesforyahweh.org/TabernacleDavidEvent/index.html

The planners for this event have made many financial commitments in order to be able to serve the brethren in the name of Yeshua with this event. We are commanded not just to observe the appointed times but to not show up empty handed as well. In this case, we need as many people as possible to donate before the event to make sure we have enough money on hand to cover all of our bases. Even if you only have a small amount to pitch in, it will add up. Keep in mind that at sunset, Friday June 2 through sunset Sunday June 4 it is a sabbath. Please use the following link to donate to use as generously as possible before coming to the event. We will have a donation box on hand at the event but it would be best if you could donate ahead of time. http://praisesforyahweh.org/TabernacleDavidEvent/Donations.html Donating through the paypal at the link will earmark the funds for this specific event. You may also send checks to Northland Hebrew Roots Group, LLC at 6395 SW Reed Lane, Trimble, MO 64492 and write “Shavuot 2017” in the memo to note the funds are for this event.

We look forward to seeing many of you at Lake Paradise!


Apr 22

The Word and The Way

It is with great pleasure that we can announce our next project: The Word and The Way.

We will be transitioning to a new website over the next couple months as we begin to transition to a new name. This website, hebrewrootsgroup.com, will live on for posterity and to make sure all of our legacy information is preserved.

Below is an animation of our new logo. This logo has been Trademarked and is the property of Northland Hebrew Roots Group, LLC. Our Facebook page will be renamed and rebranded to reflect the new name pretty soon. Please pray that YHVH be glorified through our humble offering in the name of His Son, Yeshua.



Apr 16

Blessed Music from Shabbat, April 15, 2017

Brother Chris Avalos made a very special video to commemorate the blessed music we had on Shabbat. Kerry Alexander, Ian Michaels, and the Praises for Yahweh band came together in the Ruach filled performance that blessed all in attendance.

Thank you so much, Chris Avalos!


Apr 02

Schedule for Unleavened Bread Assemblies 2017

Brothers and Sisters,

As we look forward to celebrating our Father’s commanded festival, let’s make sure to keep repentance in our hearts. While we will be celebrating together during ULB, we first must call to mind our sins and purge the leaven from our hearts and our homes. Last Shabbat’s message was intended to help this along. Here’s a link for those who missed it Repentance

Now for the schedule. All of these gatherings will be at the Rockwood Baptist Church 10035 E Westport Rd, Independence, MO 64052. Please bring food to share but only Biblically clean food and no leavening at all during this festival. Our services are uplifting and lots of fun. We have Davidic Dancing and a lively atmosphere. Children are more than welcome and are welcome to join in the dance! Dress is casual unless you wish to dress up for YHVH’s holy days!

Tuesday, April 11

The First Day of Unleavened Bread

Service starts at 4pm

Pastor Jeff Hankins will bring the message

Pastor Jeff and family to provide live praise and worship (Yay)!

Oneig (fellowship meal) to follow services

Friday, April 14

Erev Shabbat

We will meet at 6PM at Rockwood with a short prayer service

Oneig (fellowship meal) at 6:30PM

Music by Kerry Alexander

Music by Ian Michaels

Shabbat, April 15

Services start at 3PM

Chris DeWeese will bring the message

Plenty of live music during the services by Kerry Alexander, Ian Michaels, and Monty

Oneig (fellowship meal) after services

Music by Kerry Alexander and Ian Michaels after the oneig until….

Monday, April 17

The Last Day of Unleavened Bread

Services start at 4PM

Message brought by Chris DeWeese or TBA

Music brought by Monty

Oneig (fellowship meal) to follow services


Mar 20


About 12 years ago, my wife inherited some money and made one of the best financial decisions our family has made to date. She purchased the Suburban below outright so we could have the perfect vehicle to bring up our young family. This truck has served us very well and has had so few mechanical problems that it’s unbelievable. 12 years, 190K miles, and never left anywhere. Ever.

On Monday, we finally had to trade in this remarkable tool. Right before we left the dealership, I opened the back hatch and breathed in the glorious stink of old junk food and spills for the last time. In that moment, so many memories came to mind.

In the last 12 years, we have watched our children grow up and even having another born who’s now 10 years old. Brent has his learner’s permit now and this truck is the first car he has ever driven. That memory for our family alone brings a tear to the eye.

We’ve had 12 years of never worrying about the weather. This truck is almost a tank when it comes to getting around. We’ve pulled people out of ditches all over the place. Heck, I even helped pull a dump truck out a the Saint Joseph land fill once. The traction this vehicle has is amazing but the peace of mind knowing that my family was going to get home in any weather no matter what for the last 12 years was priceless. Sometimes we would even go out shopping in storms because the crowds would be light.

In the last 12 years we have grown spiritually more than anything. One memory that also brings a tear to the eye is parking this truck back when it was new next to one of the best friends a guy could ever hope to have when his truck was new, too. And our trucks were parked on Sabbath at our old church. In the same spots. Week after week. For years. And in the last 6 months, both of us have had to get new vehicles. But the memories of Russel’s F150 and our Suburban being at the Feast of Tabernacles and at all those religious gatherings are also priceless. And written in the books that will be opened at the end of the age.

This truck had a 510 mile range which let Brent and I visit YRM in Holt’s Summit with a stop at Mikka’s mom’s place to pay for a high school fund raiser for Mikka those many years ago.

Then helping Mikka move out of her dorm room after this wonderfully independent woman and sister in Messiah graduated from Avila University summa cum laude.

And most recently having to do a 3 point turn around with our RV in tow on a dirt road outside of Wewoka because of a wrong turn that went really bad on the way to Sukkot last year. And then seeing Alisa drive our Suburban from her campsite to ours at Wewoka and think how incredibly cool it is to have friends who can take your car and you don’t even think twice about it.

As I stood at the back of our old Suburban taking it all in, I kinda wished time would stand still sometimes. Absorbing that last whiff of old junk food at the back hatch of this reliable old friend was very emotional. Then I shut the hatch and moved on to what the next 12 years will bring!


Mar 20

Unleavened Bread Observance Schedule of Services

The schedule for events are below. All these events will be at the Rockwood Baptist Church facility, 10035 E Westport Rd, Independence, MO 64052.

For all fellowship meals, please bring some food to share. Keep in mind this observance is for the Days of Unleavened Bread so do not bring anything leavened. Also, no unclean foods like pork or shellfish are to be brought, either.

Tuesday, April 11, 2016 we will have a High Day service to keep the commandment to have a holy convocation on the First Day of Unleavened Bread. This will begin a 4pm with a service followed by an oneig, which is a fellowship meal.

Friday, April 14 – Erev Shabbat. We start at 6pm with prayers and announcements. We’ll have a fellowship meal at 6:30 until about 7:30 followed by music by Kerry Alexander.

Shabbat, April 15 – Service starts at 3pm followed by a fellowship meal and then concert.

Monday, April 17 – Last Day of Unleavened Bread observance. Service starts at 4PM with a fellowship meal to follow and then a concer to close out the festival!

We hope to see you there! Shalom!


Mar 11

Risen: A Movie Review

Truth be told, I don’t have much interest in movies. It’s rare for me to want to watch one on my own and the family has to anchor me to something to get me to watch one with them. If someone recommends a movie to me, I might watch it many months later, on accident, and then remember that someone recommended it to me.

This week, I was bored enough on a flight to see what there is to see on the free movie app that United uses. I think I went through the list looking for a specific move but Risen caught my eye. I recalled that it was about Yeshua’s last days on earth as seen through the Roman perspective. I watched it and am glad I did.

The main character is Pontius Pilate’s right hand man, named Flavius but called by his title, Tribune, throughout the movie. The movie opens with Flavius squashing a small rebellion of Jews and the leader of them dies while referencing the coming Messiah who will destroy Rome. Flavius executes the man saying “today is not that day”. The first half of this movie is brutal and is meant to show what live was like under Roman rule – brutal to say the least. Flavius returns from this battle only to be sent directly to supervise the end of Yeshua’s execution and he is the one who orders Yeshua stabbed while the legs are broken on the other two.

What transpires is that Flavius is tasked with finding the body of Yeshua after He is resurrected and, in this hunt, he changes a whole lot. Keep in mind this movie is fiction based on the Gospels. The movie is fiction much like CS Lewis’ works were fiction: it’s based on the Gospels and inserts a fictional character to show the application of the faith and the journey many take to conversion. Many people can’t take fictional Gospel renderings if they look too much like the real thing. Some of us go through phases where we can’t stand to see anything that looks like the faith adulterated in any way. If you’re one of these folks, this movie will irritate you, particularly at the end. But if you can look at it as a purposely crafted fictional work to illustrate a very good Biblical lesson, then it will be of much benefit to you and is a powerful thing. Keep in mind the move is fiction.

Keeping in mind this movie is fiction, what it shows is an incredible lesson of conversion. It shows with, remarkable clarity, the struggle when the conversion process starts. It shows in a very unique way the contrast of contemplating the lives we used to live against the doubts and reluctance to fully submit to our Messiah and His Father. And it shows that once one commits and comes to Yeshua, there really is no turning back.

It took me two flights to finish this film and I am glad I did. If you can look past the fictional aspects and a couple of doctrinal glitches to see the bigger picture, then this movie will be a positive experience in the same way that the great works of the past are.


Feb 28

Context, Context, Context

Studying anything is always enhanced when the information sought is put into its proper context. Let’s take a little walk into some fiction writing to explore this. Imagine that there’s a huge natural disaster 20 years from now that wipes out civilization, burying it like Pompeii. Our society is lost and the English language is erased overnight. 500 years later, civilization has returned with no link to the history or culture of what happened prior to the disaster. An archaeologist in this new future gets funding to go on a dig to a large city in what used to be the USA and finds some printed material referencing Monster.com. With a limited understanding of our culture and just some hints at what our language used to mean, what would someone in the future think that monster.com would be? It would be an interesting thing to see, wouldn’t it!

We don’t have to go to such fictional extremes to think back to a time with a culture that we don’t fully comprehend. The classic masterpiece move Ben Hur was shot in 1959. This movie was made for an audience of Americans who were expected to completely understand the Bible and the history of first century Judea – Yeshua’s time frame. This was a very expensive movie to make. To illustrate a pretty recent cultural and technological change, this movie had hundreds of “extras” and humongous sets that were made with incredible attention to detail to try to recreate what Roman occupied Jerusalem might have looked like. Heck, In our day, we don’t even have “extras” or large sets in our movies as computers have replaced these old-fashioned trades! But what we lack even more than this is a society where the entertainment industry has to produce Biblical movies in order to make money. Can you imagine all of your neighbors being as familiar with the Bible and the life of Yeshua as you are? Can you imagine being able to make analogies to Bible stories at work and in school? I sure can’t but that’s how our American society was just fifty short years ago!

It’s elucidating to study out the context of the different books of the Bible. Reading Josephus’ “Antiquities of the Jews”, which is quite a large book, can greatly enhance one’s appreciation of life in first century Judea and how a Jew trained in the Pharisee tradition, like Paul, viewed current events. A few months ago, our assembly began a study of the Minor Prophets. We’ll finish this up next Sabbath with the book of Malachi. We’ve learned quite a bit about these books by looking up the context of when, where, and who wrote the different books. The easiest place I have found to get a quick orientation of those books is http://jewishencyclopedia.com. What’s particularly interesting is that all the Minor Prophets were written between the tail end of the exile and the return to Judea, with Malachi being written as the most recent. Understanding that there was a miraculous regathering happening while these prophets were hinting at far greater events is very interesting. It’s almost as if YHVH was trying to tell them “your work is important, but don’t get ahead of yourselves. You ain’t seen nothing’ yet!”

As you all study in your own fashion, consider doing a little research of the book or the culture of the time when the book you are studying was written. As we can see in our own times, culture can change very quickly and it is very important to understanding literature. Putting things into context is key to understanding what was really being communicated.


Feb 25

Prayer Request for Chris Bridges

Brethren, Chris Bridge’s dad passed away today. Please pray for Chris and his family during this time of mourning. In Yeshua’s holy name. Amen.


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