119 Ministries

In depth as well as easy to understand explanations on the Hebrew foundations of the faith.

Kerry Alexander music

Wonderfully uplifting and doctrinally correct music

Aleeza Evans

More good music and a great place to purchase Tzit-tzit’s

Bible Sabbath Association

A non-denominational organization that promotes the Seventh Day Sabbath and publishes a magazine call The Sabbath Sentinel.

Tools to find a congregation: and

Too Long in the Sun (reference materials)

Richard Rives’ direct website

Free children study material

Torah Class by Tom Bradford

Area Sukkot gatherings:

Revelations from the Secret Place

Sandy’s blog

Church of God Fellowship a Sabbath and Holy Day assembly in Lansing, Michigan

Congregational Fellowship of God

A hub for Sabbath and Holy Day observers that hosts interactive studies online periodically

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