Mar 20


About 12 years ago, my wife inherited some money and made one of the best financial decisions our family has made to date. She purchased the Suburban below outright so we could have the perfect vehicle to bring up our young family. This truck has served us very well and has had so few mechanical problems that it’s unbelievable. 12 years, 190K miles, and never left anywhere. Ever.

On Monday, we finally had to trade in this remarkable tool. Right before we left the dealership, I opened the back hatch and breathed in the glorious stink of old junk food and spills for the last time. In that moment, so many memories came to mind.

In the last 12 years, we have watched our children grow up and even having another born who’s now 10 years old. Brent has his learner’s permit now and this truck is the first car he has ever driven. That memory for our family alone brings a tear to the eye.

We’ve had 12 years of never worrying about the weather. This truck is almost a tank when it comes to getting around. We’ve pulled people out of ditches all over the place. Heck, I even helped pull a dump truck out a the Saint Joseph land fill once. The traction this vehicle has is amazing but the peace of mind knowing that my family was going to get home in any weather no matter what for the last 12 years was priceless. Sometimes we would even go out shopping in storms because the crowds would be light.

In the last 12 years we have grown spiritually more than anything. One memory that also brings a tear to the eye is parking this truck back when it was new next to one of the best friends a guy could ever hope to have when his truck was new, too. And our trucks were parked on Sabbath at our old church. In the same spots. Week after week. For years. And in the last 6 months, both of us have had to get new vehicles. But the memories of Russel’s F150 and our Suburban being at the Feast of Tabernacles and at all those religious gatherings are also priceless. And written in the books that will be opened at the end of the age.

This truck had a 510 mile range which let Brent and I visit YRM in Holt’s Summit with a stop at Mikka’s mom’s place to pay for a high school fund raiser for Mikka those many years ago.

Then helping Mikka move out of her dorm room after this wonderfully independent woman and sister in Messiah graduated from Avila University summa cum laude.

And most recently having to do a 3 point turn around with our RV in tow on a dirt road outside of Wewoka because of a wrong turn that went really bad on the way to Sukkot last year. And then seeing Alisa drive our Suburban from her campsite to ours at Wewoka and think how incredibly cool it is to have friends who can take your car and you don’t even think twice about it.

As I stood at the back of our old Suburban taking it all in, I kinda wished time would stand still sometimes. Absorbing that last whiff of old junk food at the back hatch of this reliable old friend was very emotional. Then I shut the hatch and moved on to what the next 12 years will bring!