Apr 02

Schedule for Unleavened Bread Assemblies 2017

Brothers and Sisters,

As we look forward to celebrating our Father’s commanded festival, let’s make sure to keep repentance in our hearts. While we will be celebrating together during ULB, we first must call to mind our sins and purge the leaven from our hearts and our homes. Last Shabbat’s message was intended to help this along. Here’s a link for those who missed it Repentance

Now for the schedule. All of these gatherings will be at the Rockwood Baptist Church 10035 E Westport Rd, Independence, MO 64052. Please bring food to share but only Biblically clean food and no leavening at all during this festival. Our services are uplifting and lots of fun. We have Davidic Dancing and a lively atmosphere. Children are more than welcome and are welcome to join in the dance! Dress is casual unless you wish to dress up for YHVH’s holy days!

Tuesday, April 11

The First Day of Unleavened Bread

Service starts at 4pm

Pastor Jeff Hankins will bring the message

Pastor Jeff and family to provide live praise and worship (Yay)!

Oneig (fellowship meal) to follow services

Friday, April 14

Erev Shabbat

We will meet at 6PM at Rockwood with a short prayer service

Oneig (fellowship meal) at 6:30PM

Music by Kerry Alexander

Music by Ian Michaels

Shabbat, April 15

Services start at 3PM

Chris DeWeese will bring the message

Plenty of live music during the services by Kerry Alexander, Ian Michaels, and Monty

Oneig (fellowship meal) after services

Music by Kerry Alexander and Ian Michaels after the oneig until….

Monday, April 17

The Last Day of Unleavened Bread

Services start at 4PM

Message brought by Chris DeWeese or TBA

Music brought by Monty

Oneig (fellowship meal) to follow services